Back pain is one of the main issues being faced by 8 out of 10 people nowadays. The main cause of lower back pain is usually due to muscle strain or any injury, and these may affect our other body parts in a bad way.

The lower back or also called the lumbar spine is a structure connecting the bones, nerves, joints and the muscles to provide us support and flexibility in our body.

A severe backache may lead to several other problems such as neck and legs pains, and it is necessary to identify the symptoms at the right time.

Symptoms of back pain

Back pain is a combination of the following symptoms:

A dull and aching pain: it is basically that pain that emerges from the lower backbones, it consists of dull and aching pain where burning or stinging doesn’t occur. This can cause an ache in your hips and pelvis.

Pain that starts from the legs: the lower back pain can cause a different type of numb sensations that move down towards your thighs and legs that is called sciatica, it is caused by an irritation in the nerves that can lead to pain in only one side of the body either left or right.

Pain caused by prolonged sitting: when you face back pain, moving here and there is quite common, because your in search of finding a comfortable place where your back won’t hurt, for example, with spinal stenosis you may face difficulty walking normally, so you prefer leaning forward onto something such as a cart, it helps to reduce pain.

Pain that worsens after waking up and gets better when moving: a long time of taking rest can lead to stiffness in the morning which can cause pain, thus to relax you move around.

Trauma: a trauma such as an accident, may cause you lower back injuries and in this case, it is hard for the patient to heal, so a doctor must evaluate such patient.

Back Pain Causes

Back pain can usually be categorized as a strain or a sprain; a strain occurs when a muscle is stretched off its limit, and a sprain occurs when over-stretching affects the bones. Back pain is worse when it becomes chronic, and in this case, it affects the healing process. 

The main causes for back pain are:

Lumbar ruptured disc or a herniated disc: When pressure is applied to the spine, especially when you consider picking up a heavy object, the disc’s outer ring may get damaged, and the disc and spinal nerve root may collide to create severe lower back pain.

The degenerative disc disease: This is basically age-related back pain; such as a woman of age 45 may face this disease.

Facet joint disorder: This is one of the most important factors that lead to lower back pain and neck problems, it involves the issues of spinal nerves.

Sacroiliac joint disorder: This may cause lower back pain and originated pain from legs.

Spinal stenosis: It is the gaps present between the spines that cause pressure on the nerves.

Spondylolisthesis: When the vertebra is affected, it might slip over from the bone, forward, backward or sideways.

Osteoarthritis: When the cartilage on both sides is affected, and it can damage any joint in the body.

Bulging discs: It is the most common spine injury, and about 90% of people are affected by this problem. It can occur in your upper or lower backbones and also your neck.

Spasm: It occurs due to the contraction of the muscles, and that can burst sudden pain.

Cervical Spondylosis: It affects the joint and disc in your neck by being an age-related condition. 

The least common lower pain causes can be a spinal infection, it is known to be very rare to happen, and if it occurs it is treated by surgeries, the other reason can be a spinal tumor, the most common tumor is cancer that emerges from breasts, kidneys, thyroids, and lungs. Another reason can be an autoimmune disease, which occurs because of the autoimmune conditions. 


A constant pinched pain in the back may affect your day-to-day activities; people, in this case, have sore muscles and are not able to do anything without a proper support, thus in these cases at first the doctor, prescribed the patient do several exercises to help cure themselves, before giving them any type of medication.