Best Recliner to Sleep in Top 3 recommendations

Recliner: What is it?

Is it a chair? Is it a sofa? Well, yes kind of, its a marvelous piece of furniture that’s for sure; recliners are designed specifically for fixing back and spine related issues. Even more important question: can you sleep on a recliner? In this article we will show you that it may be possible.

A recliner always comes in handy when your bad sleeper because it offers you with the perfect sleeping position. 

It is a customized version of a lounge sofa that’s equipped with a foot-rest, a motor, a massager, back support, and a head-rest to offer relief form all ailments and discomforts related to your back.

They’re available in different varieties, such as massagers, lift chairs, small, oversized, bed rockers, gliders, zero gravity recliners, etc.

How does a recliner perform its function?

What a recliner does is that it mainly just wards off the pressure, and strain that stresses the back or the spinal chord, and provides a wide surface area for resting the back to ease all the soreness resulting for a backache. 

The surface area works to lessen the pull of gravity on the spine and equalizes the distribution of this force in all parts of the back. This is how a physical disturbance in the back is eradicated by using a recliner. The recliners in this options will probably allow you to sleep like a baby.

Top 3 Recommendations: For the Best Recliners to Sleep

If you’ve ever gone recliner shopping, then you must be fully aware of the overwhelming variety of recliners you have to choose from, and chances are you have no idea which one to buy so you naturally pop up to the internet for your solution. Worry not because you’ve come to the right place.

After narrowing down on recliner research; this article brings to you the best 3 recliners perfect for your back, and to get some ZZZs…

3. Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner 

If you’re looking for a top-notch zero gravity recliner that you can sleep in look no further because this highly advanced leather seated recliner is made for you.

Here’s why you should consider this as an option; since its a zero gravity recliner it is specialized for providing complete elevation of the torso and legs, and this exact quality is optimal for fixing back pain.

The design harnesses an inbuilt massager that wonderfully relaxes all the back muscles and releases all the tension from the spine.

The controls are fitted on this chair, so you have easy accessibility, and it comes with adjustable headrests, and footrests both of which function separately enabling you to alter them at desired positions for maximum ease and pain relief.

The design itself is chic and stylish, plus the price is premium too.But this intelligently structured recliner is worth the money, in fact, a plus added feature is that it allows absolute recline is enabling you to assume a position where your knees are above your heart, and that’s the best thing to happen to your sore back!


  • Comes stocked with a heating system.
  • The footrest, and headrest function as individual instruments.


  • Padding lacks adequacy.
  • Manual for assembling recliner is too vague to understand. 

2. Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner 

Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner is brilliantly structured with a selection of special hardwood, and is fashioned with real leather and is generously padded with memory foam for the most comfortable cushioning experience. 

What’s amazing about it is that is swivels too, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…you to decide a preferred angle to recline in and its side precision angle enables you to do so. 

All your back troubles are delightfully taken care of by the Mac Motion Oslo Collection recliner’s memory foam which calms your back muscles and vanquishes the pain.

Other customizations embedded in this recliner include a moveable headrest, and an Ottoman designed at a desirable angle. Undoubtedly this is pure comfort with A-grade functionality right there will offer a recliner you can sleep.


  • The added memory is a plus point
  • Offers optimal reclining capacity
  • Adjustable angles


  • Does not enable an erect sitting posture.
  • Costly

1. Electric Shiatsu Recliner

This massage chair carries a modern-day technology along with a sweet contemporary real leather build; plus its one of the most comfortable chairs to kick back and relax on.

If you’re looking for a pleasurable back message, then the Electric Shiatsu recliner is the ideal recliner for you it comes equipped with a full body massager that eradicates all that spine soreness, neck pains, backaches, and improves blood circulation. 

Not just that but a nice heating system warms up your body and reduces swelling and rigidity from your limbs.


  • Extremely effective for relieving tension, pressure, and strain from the spine, and back; also eases joint discomfort. 
  • High comfort level.
  • Reduces mental distress as well as physical agony. 


  • It’s not cheap.
  • Constructing this chair form its dismantled parts is a challenge because of its hefty weight. 

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