Best Recliner Chairs For Back Pain: Top 10 Recommendations

Back pain can be due to old age, or bad posture. Whatever the cause may be, back pain is one of the worst conditions  to be in, causing constant discomfort, even when at rest. The best recliner chairs can work wonders for such back pains, and provide immense relief.

Here are top 10 BEst recliner chairs for back pain:

1) Esright Massage Recliner Chair:

This recliner chair provides more features than most recliner chairs. Along with the reclining feature, it also offers massaging and vibrating features which are sure to take away the back pain efficiently.

Another prominent feature of the Esright Massage Recliner Chair is the heated PU leather, which makes it perfectly conducive to relaxing. 

The sturdy leather used makes it durable even after extensive use. The back cushion and armrests are padded with extra thick sponge for maximum comfort.

The soft and sturdy PU leather design, cup holders, storage bags and the 360 degree swivel feature make this chair extremely ergonomic.

It can be reclined 150 degrees, comes with a remote control, 5 different control modes and 2 intensity levels for the massage feature, making it ideal to deal with back pain.

2) Perfect Chair “PC-420”

PC-420 provides perfect lumbar support,  and the neutral posture positioning helps to distribute the body weight evenly, consequently eliminating all the painful pressure points.

One of the most prominent feature of PC-420 is the zero gravity seating. The zero gravity seating promotes relaxed breathing by expanding  the lung capacity.

The recline lever allows you to recline the chair according to your comfort.

The handcrafted wood and use of top-grain upholstery provides durability along with utmost style and elegance, making it perfect for home and work alike.

3) Cozzia Dual Power Recliner

Like PC-420, Cozzia dual power recliner also provides the zero gravity feature, removing all the pressure from your back, helping you to manage your back pain without a visit to the orthopedic.

The reclining feature allows you to adjust the chair into the most comfortable position for you, while providing lumbar support and letting you relax.

It also offers vibrating massage and heat therapy, relieving stress efficiently.

The posture Cozzia dual power recliner provides makes it comfortable not only for home, but very ergonomic too.

The 9668BRW Glider is specially known for its classic American design and high durability and performance.

It provides perfect comfort and relaxation that every back pain sufferer looks for.

The gliding feature and adjustable reclining lets you find your own comfortable position. It’s vinyl/faux leather body makes it the perfect reclining chair for every lounge.

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5) Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest

This recliner can be called the massage heaven for every back pain sufferer. The kneading, rolling, compression, shiatsu and vibration massage options are sure to work wonders for the back pain.

It accommodates to the curves of your body, and along with the heat function, it is sure to get you relaxed. This high-end recliner is the perfect partner for your study.

6) Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner

With an integrated headrest and ottoman set, this recliner is perfect for relaxing in the comfort of your home, easing the lower back pain.

The double padder cushioned back provides perfect lumbar support. Adjustable reclining  and swivel seat enhance the comfortability of the chair.It features plus upholstered arms and a side pocket for your use and ease.

7) Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

Providing 8 vibration massage motors, Relaxzen not only takes away the back pain but also works out all of your discomforts, allowing you to relax.

You can choose from the 9 pre-programmed massage modes, with 5 intensities, to suit your comfort.

The swivel, reclining and tension adjustment feature along with its ideal size makes it ergonomic and conducive to relaxation.

8) Svago Zero Gravity Recliner

Along with zero gravity positioning, Svago also provides massage and heat functions that take away back pain efficiently.

It also provides an independently adjustable footrest, articulating headrest and extended armrest provide full body support for maximum relaxation.

The removable lumbar pillows work to provide effective lumbar support.

9) La-Z-Boy Anderson Reclina Rocker:

With the perfect combination of a recliner and rocker, La-Z-Boy Anderson Reclina Rocker is a great recliner chair for back pain sufferers.

The padded back provides lumbar support and effective back pain relief and with the manual  Given the adjustable reclining mechanism, you can adjust your position as fits you best.

The contemporary style and the perfect size makes it ideal for any living room. And on top of it, Anderson Reclina Rocker is very affordable too.

10) Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner

Oslo collection offers not only the elegant contemporary look, but effective relief from back pain and easy relaxing.

The adjustable head and backrest along with the ottoman provide the ultimate comfort and lumbar support.

The compact size, grain leather and polish makes it perfectly ergonomic. 

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