Best Back Pain Patches:4 Options For Relief


Before we start discussing our recommendations on the best back pain patches, lets understand some key information about backache. A backache is one of the most common reasons for visiting the doctor.

Usually, it’s the lower back that is more frequently affected by pain. Backpain is not a disorder in itself; it’s a symptom secondary to some other cause. 

There are other causes that may lead to a backache include pathologies in; ligaments, muscles, nerves, bony structure making up the spine, and structure of the back

  • Vertebrae
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Nerves
  • Blood vessels
  • Intervertebral discs


Basically, there are 2 types of analgesic patches available in the market: 

Patches containing counterirritants

These are used for treating mild to a moderate backache. Most of these preparations may contain Lidocaine as one of its ingredients.

Patches containing narcotics

These are used for treating moderate to severe pain. Usually, Fentanyl is the active narcotic used in these patches.

These patches come in different varieties. Most commonly used are;

  • Transdermal Pain-Relieving Patches. These are medicated with Lidocaine and used to treat a chronic backache.

  • Over the counter topical pain patches which are used for temporary relief in cases of mild to moderate pain symptoms.

Benefits of Pain Patches For Back Pain

Many patients opt for pain medication for back pain relief, but topical pain patches are an excellent alternative. Their important benefits include;

  • Rapid, long-lasting relief from pain
  • Practically no digestive side effects
  • Easy to apply

4 Highly Recommended Pain Patches for back pain

 Although the market is flooded with pain patches for different types of pain, here we are reviewing 4 of the best patches for back pain used to get relief.

1. Pain Relieving Patches by Salonpas

These are a simple and effective means of treating minor to moderate back pain. They are easy to apply due to their flexible design. The patch contains 3 ingredients;

  • Methyl salicylate
  • Menthol
  • Camphor

On applying the patch to the affected area, initially, the area feels warm. After that, the patient starts feeling the temporary pain-relieving effect of the patch.

This patch should be used for backache in patients who are 12 years or above. This patch should never be used on damaged skin. Also, if one is allergic to aspirin or salicylates, consult your doctor before applying the patch.

  • Flexible patch.
  • Very easy application.
  • Versatile analgesic. It can be used for arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains.
  • Some users may complain about the strong odor associated with it.

2. Multi-Purpose Joint Pain Therapy Heat Patch by ThermaCare

These patches have been found to be very effective for a backache due to its heat cell technology. This heating technology enables these patches to penetrate deeply into the damaged tissue.

The heat generated by the patch relieves pain by increasing the circulation of the affected area. It also relieves tension and encourages and advances the healing process. 

These patches are flexible, and their X-shape enables them to fit along any body contour including the back.

These patches effective provide quick temporary relief to back pain.

  • Discrete design, thin and flexible. It can be worn under any garment.
  • It has a deep penetrating effect.
  • It is effective for 8 hours.
  • Some users may not find the intensity of heat generated effective for large joint pains.

3. The Tiger Balm Patch

This skin patch can provide quick but temporary relief to your backache. It utilizes the hydrogel formulation. This enables the medication to penetrate rapidly into the skin once the patch is applied to the affected area. Initially, a sense of warmth is felt over the area, which soothes away the pain. 

This patch is effective in relieving mild backache for several hours. It is flexible and can be contoured anywhere on the body. Larger sized patches are especially available for the back. 

  • Least messy.
  • Minimal smell.
  • Can be removed painlessly.
  • Quick, effective relief for backaches.
  • These patches cannot be cut down to a smaller size.

4. Advanced Relief Pain Relief Patches by Icy Hot

These patches boast of containing 50% more medicine than any other pain patches available in the market. Menthol is one of the key ingredients that provides specialized targeted relief from pain to the affected area. These patches are made breathable and flexible. They can be applied and removed easily.

It is a blend of ice patches integrated with hot patches. Its coolness dulls the ache while its warmth relaxed the tense muscles.

  • Contains 50% more medicine than other patches.
  • Has dual cold and hot effect when applied.
  • Ease of applying and removing them.
  • Quick relief for minor backaches
  • Sometimes the patch comes off during the night.

Thank you for reading our review on best patches for back pain. Hope this information can help you pick the best choice for you. 

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