Best Massage Cushion: 7 Shiatsu Back Massagers

Through meticulously researching on this topic we’ve narrowed down 7 of the most popular massaging cushions that you should definitely consider buying. 

Our days are full with activities, jobs, and other responsibilities that we carry out through the day. Being able to have a massage cushion at home can help you find some relief from pain at home.

The massage cushions we will discuss here are considered to be the best as far as customer satisfaction, quality, and performance in alleviating pain. If you are in need for neck massager, mass chair pad or more, check out the options we’ve research for you before you buy anything.

BEST MASSAGE CUSHION: Lets take a close look at what we have

7. Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Cushion Massager

Compact in size but equally proficient in its performance the Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Cushion Massager is a must-have pillow that packs a powerful punch in its shiatsu massaging and kneading. 

The design comprises a strap that allows for easy attachment with chairs, and car seats or if you just want to keep it held somewhere. The main attribute this pillow harnesses is its 4 nodes that have an opposite rotation in pairs. This allows a nice fluid motion to its massage. 

It targets all the major areas that are the lower and upper back, neck, legs, and abdomen. 

6. Sharper Image MSI-CS775H

Here’s another brilliant option for you the MSI-CS775H is a wise choice for you if you absolutely love shiatsu messages, and even better if you enjoy being spoiled by an indulgent air massage.

The MSI-CS775H comes readily equipped with this cool feature; its structured with air cushioning that gently squeeze your sides, and lower back region whilst two nodes work on your spine simultaneously in a vertical motion offering you a much-needed shiatsu massage. The heating pad, on the other hand, is not that effective.

Its dimensions are not that of a miniature pillow but its a proper chair shaped massage cushion that you can attach to your car seat or chairs.

5. Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion

This is one of those fun-size pillows that come optimized with many features plus the convenience of portability and assimilation as its small size allows it to fit in congested spaces. 

For one the quality is superb you can tell on the finishing that this is no low-quality product; now it harnesses these useful attributes, four kneading massagers that are intense in power and execute a heavy message. 

The cushion can easily be used on your head, neck, shoulders, lower, and upper back, and abdomen since it can easily switch positions.

4. Naipo Shiatsu Massager Seat Cushion

This ultimate massage machine specializes in providing vibrations in affected parts of your body inflicted with pain, tension, and soreness. It offers a complete shiatsu massage, and you can even adjust the massaging intensity to three levels. 

It’s a full-size cushion that you can use as a car back massager, or just put on a chair. 

The four nodes on it offer a relaxing massage (depending on the intensity); this device focuses on you lower back, upper back, and the entire back region. The plus added feature is the heating pad it adds to the relaxing effect.

3. Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massager

This one is probably the most popular and powerful of them all; the size itself is enormous (relatively as compared to small cushions), and the function qualities it possesses are even more impressive.

It comes equipped with four nodes that execute a perfect shiatsu massage with a nice vigor and deep pressure. 

The nodes vibrate, they rotate they just follow a mixture of relaxing motions that relax the stiff back muscles. The heating property in it is also adjustable along with its nodes.

Get all those painful areas with this cushion, the neck, the whole back, and shoulders and relieve your aching body.

2. Belmint Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

This wonderful device is designed to specifically focus on the exact points in the body generating pain so you can adjust the nodes to only message certain pressure points. 

Belmint is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Shiatsu Messages; it offers a variety of motions form rolling action, to vibratory motion, and kneading. 

Plus with the ten vibrating devices installed in it, it works miracles on shoulder pain, lower back pain, and upper back area, and the neck is completely alleviating the agony. As a plus point, it also provides heat therapy via its heating pads.

1. Homedics SBM-650H Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Cushion

What stands out most about the SBM-650H Massaging Cushion is that its unbeatable combination of heat therapy, and back massage. Although other products undeniably offer these features, the SBM-650H pillow is the massager that executes it in the most effective way.

The main feature about this cushion is that you can control the shiatsu massage by setting where the massage nodes perform the actual kneading, and massage meaning you can easily adjust the nodes to only strike your specific areas. 

It is fairly economical and has an average size like most of the other cushions, but the strength lies here in that it possesses all the features that are harbored by premium -kneading, vibration, shiatsu massage- brands making this device a winner when it comes to other brands.