Best Sciatica Cushion: 3 Top Rated Picks

Nowadays society tends to sit a lot while working on their desk chair, car seat, watching TV or spending leisure time on Facebook chatting with a friend.

This is the reason why most people have back pain problems. As people spend more time off their feet, discomfort and pain start to settle in and show itself over time. Sadly most people do not deal with this pain until it becomes too hard to bear. Sitting throughout your day can cause major discomposure, sciatica pain and even ruin the alignment of your spine.

If your occupation requires you to sit, then it is important that you take proper measures such as buying a good seat cushion that’ll help you with reducing your lower back pain by lessening the burden on your sciatic nerve. 

The best cushions for back pain are the coccyx seat cushions which are not only affordable but also promise you immediate relief.

The coccyx is also known as the tailbone, and this bone is present at the bottom of your spine. Pain in this bone can cause lower back pain and be very uncomfortable.

Buying a good seat cushion can help you in providing backrest. Cushions like Coccyx seat cushions are very flexible and can be placed on almost every kind of chair.

To help you in making your decision keep on reading this article, and choose from top rated Coccyx seat cushions for back pain made with memory foam present in the market.

3. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Memory Foam

ComfiLife brings to you a gel-enhanced memory foam cushion seat which comes with a handle making it very easy to carry around.

This cushion has a natural grey colored exterior making it ideal to match any décor. This model by ComfiLife helps in supporting your tailbone (Coccyx) and provides you with immediate lower back pain release and relief from the sciatic nerve as well. 

The seat cushion has other strong features that make it ideal for usage; it has a non-slip design which prevents you from falling off and a cool-off gel layer to provide you extra comfort. This cushion also has a zippered cover that will help in keeping it clean.

However, this cushion also has some drawbacks such as it only comes in one color; also the handle on the cushion may make it easy to carry around, but larger people may sit on the handle, and this may cause them discomfort. 

2. ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion

If you have back and sciatic pain then this cushion can be ideal for you. The ComfiLife orthopedic seat cushion is made for people who have long sitting hours whether it’s a computer chair or a car seat.

This cushion comes with an ergonomic design and provides its user’s comfort and support. 

This cushion will not only help in improving your posture but will also make you stand straighter due to its U-shaped design.

The side of the cushion prevents you from falling off, and the anti-skid coating keeps the cushion fixed at one point. 

However, this cushion also comes in a single color, and even though the handle on this cushion makes it easy to transport around, large people may end up sitting on it and find the cushion to be slightly uncomfortable. 

1. Cush Comfort Memory Foam Cushion

This memory shape cushion is designed to get rid of alleviated pain caused by alignment problems in your spine and any lower back pain issues. The cut-out of this cushion suspends the coccyx and provides instant relief from point pressure, numbness and sciatic pain. 

The non-slip bottom of this chair makes sure that the cushion does not slip out and sticks to one place.

The extra depth of this cushion allows even distribution of your weight which in turn helps in improving your posture. The material of this cushion is high-quality memory foam which is safe and odorless. 

However, for some users, this cushion did not do well in offering them height, and for some, this cushion was too firm.

Apart from this, this cushion was great for relieving sciatic pain and provide comfort while driving and sitting around. 

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